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Bruce Fletcher

Dr. Bruce Fletcher is currently serving on the Board Of Education and is seeking re-election.

Dr. Bruce Fletcher is a father of 5 children and has 10 grandchildren.

He is a current member of the Newington Board Of Education and spent 34 years as an educator. Dr. Fletcher worked as a classroom teacher as well as principal and was employed 7 of the 34 years with Newington Public Schools where he functioned as a substitute, tutor, and ABA Tutor.

Dr. Fletcher also serves as the CEO of ACTS Ministries International, overseeing churches and schools, and is a Senior Pastor of Bethel Christian Church in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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Danielle Drozd

Danielle Drozd is seeking to return to the Board Of Education after a hiatus from serving in 2017-2019.

Danielle has lived in Newington with her husband and three children for 19 years, and has been a middle school educator for 23 years. Danielle looks forward to returning to the Board Of Education to make sure Newington stays fiscally conscious, student centered, as well as making sure board policies are being followed.

Danielle has consistently volunteered in town to help children and her community. She served as Treasurer for the Ruth Chaffee PTA, taught religious education for Annunciation Parish, was a Girl Scout Troop Leader and coached soccer to Girl Scouts. She is currently a volunteer for the Newington Little League concession committee which raises money to offset the cost of baseball for the league.

Richard  Lavariere

Richard Lavariere is seeking to serve on the  Board of Education are to balance fiscal conservative policy with progress and maintenance, to promote a learning environment that encourages critical thinking instead of divisive rhetoric, and to celebrate Newington culture.
Richard graduated from Southern Vermont College in ‘08. His senior year of college, Richard was elected President of the Student Government Association. In 2014, Richard graduated from Ave Maria School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate. Board Of Education.

Richard moved to Newington when he was 13, and graduated from Newington High School in 2004. A lawyer by trade, Richard works as an Appeals Referee (administrative law judge) with the Connecticut Department of Labor.


Beth Hutvagner

Beth Hutvagner is currently serving on the Board Of Education and is seeking re-election.

My name is Beth Hutvagner and I am optimistic and excited to be seeking election for my second term on the Newington Board of Education. Newington public schools gave me my start in education from Elizabeth Green to Martin Kellogg and I proudly graduated from Newington High School in 2005.

I then decided, after being inspired by my own Newington teachers, to pursue teaching myself. I have a masters degree in education and am entering my thirteenth year teaching in Hartford Public Schools where I was a top 3 teacher of the year in 2015. In my teaching career I have directed middle school musicals, served as a curriculum writer, worked for several years on the school governance council, served as a department coach and am currently a team leader.

I am also a proud member of the Newington chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa - a sorority of teachers focused on giving back to the community, especially our children.

Anastasia Yopp

Anastasia Yopp is seeking to serve on the Board Of Education.

Anastasia is new to Newington and is eager to put her long history of volunteerism and professional knowledge in the financial industry to work in service for her town. She is also a new home owner in town as well.

Anastasia began volunteering at a young age, inspired by her grandfather who retired from the Air Force and spent his time working with fellow Veterans. Her volunteerism continued throughout high school, where she was very involved with the ROTC program. During college, she helped lend a hand at a variety of food kitchens, and after college Anastasia continued working with many non-profit organizations volunteering her time.

Anastasia has a young son with a speech delay who attends the preschool program at John Patterson Elementary school. Anastasia was in the gifted and talented program from 3rd grade through her senior year. She knows first hand how important it is to provide our children the tools they need to thrive no matter where they are in their scholastic abilities. She is aware of the effects the pandemic has caused on our children’s education and she is committed to providing recovery for students who fall behind.

She is currently working as a Mortgage Banker. She has vast experience in commercial lending as well.Her personal knowledge and financial acumen will be of great benefit to the Newington Republican Team.

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