Newington, Connecticut 
Newington Republican Town Committee
Standing Committees - These are the standing committees of the Town Committee.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the Chairman Domenic Pane at for more information.

Candidates Committee
To screen and recommend candidates for all appointive and elective positions, including Town Committee membership, but not including convention delegates.

Voter Registration Committee
To encourage participation in Republican Party activities through planned registration programs.

Campaign Committee
To coordinate campaign activities of the Party in conjunction with the executive Committee and Republican endorsed candidates running for office.  Maintain an up to the date computer database of voter records for use in support of election activities and for use by Republican candidates running for office.

Publicity and Public Affairs Committee
To develop and articulate Republican positions, assist in developing overall campaign strategies, assist in present Republican Candidates in a positive image.  Responsibilities include developing press releases, letters to editors, print advertising, mailing content, website and social media.

Finance Committee
To raise and recommend the disbursement of Town Committee funds; through planned fundraising and social event programs.  To develop and present a budget for each Town Committee Term.

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