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The following information is supplied for your convenience. Under no circumstances does the NRTC support your personal positions.  

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Letters should not exceed 300 words.  The editor(s) reserve the right to edit and shorten the text.  Along with your letter, submit you full name, address, phone number, hometown, and email address.  

Newington Life      Contact Newington Life   Email M Jahne   
Letters to the editor should be 400 words or less in length. Guest columns will be published at the discretion of the editor and should be no more than 650 words in length. No unsigned or anonymous opinions will be published. We require that the person submitting the opinion also include his or her town of residence and phone number. We authenticate authorship prior to publication. We reserve the right to edit or withhold any submissions deemed to be libelous, unsubstantiated allegations, personal attacks or defamation of character. Send opinion submissions to Executive Editor Abigail Albair at

New Britain Herald    Contact New Britain Herald  Email NBNews 
See similar restrictions of the Town Crier

Rare Reminder - Newington   Contact Rare Reminder  Email Editor
See similar restrictions of the Town Crier

Hartford Courant   Contact the Hartford Courtant

The Courant welcomes letters on matters of public interest.  Go to the address above.  Your full name, hometown, phone number and e-mail address are required for verification, but only your name and hometown will be used. Your letter should be exclusive to The Courant.  Use the link above to use the Courant's online form.

Letters should not exceed 200 words. We reserve the right to edit and shorten the text. Anonymous letters, letters using a pseudonym and open letters will not be published. Writers will ordinarily be limited to one letter published in the print version every two months.

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